Evidence Recorder 7.1.2 Full Install
Posted by Jason Poitras on 06 July 2015 08:41 AM

November 16, 2010 - Evidence Recorder version 7.1.0

Release Notes

Read this to learn more about version 7.0.0 and to get a complete release history of Evidence Recorder 7.

Evidence Recorder Manual

Looking for the manual? Evidence Recorder 7 Manual 

Older Installs

Looking for all the Evidence Recorder installs? Full list of installs can be found here.

License Notes

Note: Evidence Recorder 7 is not a free upgrade. Users with a current Maintenance Subscription and Support Plan contract may contact MicroSurvey for a new registration code for EVR 7. Users who do not have a current MSSP contract, please contact your sales representative for more details. EVR 7.0.0 licenses will run the 7.1.0 version.

!*** Existing EVR users should manually record their instrument settings before proceeding with this installation ***!

Step 1: Install Microsoft ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center

In order to install Evidence Recorder onto your handheld data collector, you must have Microsoft ActiveSync (for Windows XP or earlier) or Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (for Windows Vista) installed on your computer. Click here to download these free from Microsoft.

Step 2: Install Evidence Recorder

Evidence Recorder 7.1.0 uses a new installer where all devices are available in the same install package. Download the install package below to your computer and run the setup. The install will attempt to connect to your device through Activesync and install the software.

Download Devices Installer for Evidence Recorder 7.1.2

Step 3: Install MicroSurvey Transfer

The MicroSurvey Transfer program provides an easy means of transferring Evidence Recorder project files between your data collector and your desktop computer.

Download MicroSurvey Transfer

Step 4 (Optional): Install Datum Grid Editor

GPS users will need to download this program, which is used to create a subset of the geodetic data files. These files are very large, covering all of North America, so we created this utility to extract a subset for your specific area. This subset must then be copied onto your Data Collector in the following directory, overwriting some of the existing files that are already there:

...\MicroSurvey EVR7\Programs\Mapping

Download Datum Grid Editor - 86.9 Megabytes (now you know why you got that high speed connection!)

Instructions for Datum Grid Editor use

Step 5 (Optional): Desktop Version

You can install a desktop version of Evidence Recorder to use for training or testing.

Download Desktop Installer for Evidence Recorder 7.1.2

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