Flexible Descriptions in AutoMap Coding
Posted by Jason Poitras on 31 March 2016 01:07 PM

When coding in the field, you may use many codes that are similar. Rather than setting every code up individually you can in many cases set up only one code in AutoMAP and have all your similar descriptions be treated the same.

An example of this might be the code CL.

In the field you may use descriptions like:








and many other combinations where CL is the first word in a multi-part description or the main description with a one letter prefix for line connectivity.

Other codes that will not work the same as CL, and would need to be setup individually in AutoMAP, would include:







In the current MicroSurvey products, you need only configure the description CL, and all of the other similar descriptions would be treated the same for layering purposes. (Older MicroSurvey products worked in a slightly different method, requiring every code to be setup individually)

In fact you can not enter in a description in AutoMAP with a space in it because it will be looking for the single word description instead. As an example - if you enter CL SS into AutoMAP and process the library - nothing will happen to the points with that code Unless the code CL is also setup. And at that time the points will follow the CL settings not the CL SS settings.

In the following dialog box, we setup the description CL as shown. All of the above listed descriptions will automatically have the Plotted Description of CL (even though the point in the database would still have the original description coded in the field), the layer for the Description would be CL, the symbol would be as shown and on all the points, the linework - if generated (via any of the valid options) would be on the layer CL, and the point node would be placed on the CL layer.

The different methods of connecting points with linework, can still be incorporated in the description. You may choose any of the four methods but you may have to be careful with the actual descriptions to ensure you get what you expect for both the linework and layering options.

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