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On this page: * Introduction * Instructions for FieldGenius * Instructions for MicroSurvey CAD * Instructions for STAR*NET * Country-specific Geoid Models * EGM08 Geoid Model Cutouts * World Geoid Models INTRODUCTION A geoid is described ...
PDF guide showing how to configure GNSS Rover Configure GNSS Rover []
PDF tutorial showing how to configure a Reference Profile Configure Reference Profile []
PDF guides for Local Transformation Day 1 and Day 2 Local Transformation Day 1 [] Local Transformation Day 2 [
AXIO-NET CONFIGURATION GUIDE VIA NTRIP This article will walk you through how to connect to the Axio-Net correction service in FieldGenius. 1.PROJECT CONFIGURATION a) Launch FieldGenius and Start a New Project b)After Naming Your Project go into the ...