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Posted by Olivia Floyd on 24 June 2016 02:21 PM

New AutoMap Articles

AutoMap is a system of automated drafting tools that can help you organize many tasks. In general, the AutoMap routine allows you to work with your field codes and to assign attributes to points and linework as they are drawn in the CAD file.

Some functions of AutoMap include:

  •          Assigning a symbol of your choice on each point based on description
  •          Move descriptions, points, elevations, and points to a layer of a given name
  •          Scaling a symbol to further customize each object
  •          Connecting points using the line connectivity function
  •          Further customizing linework with specific layers and line type



Check out AutoMap Part 1 to 8:

AutoMap Part 1: Introduction to AutoMap

AutoMap Part 2: Assigning a Symbol to a Field Description

AutoMap Part 3: Line Controls

AutoMap Part 4: Symbol Rotation for Natural Features

AutoMap Part 5: Symbol Scaling

AutoMap Part 6: Symbol Rotation Using Field Coding

AutoMap Part 7: Symbol Orientation Relative to Another Point

AutoMap Part 8: Symbol Rotation and Scaling Relative to Another Point


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