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Posted by Jeran Hopfe on 12 October 2021 03:19 PM

MicroSurvey Software Inc. is pleased to release STAR*NET 11, the next iteration of their world-renowned network adjustment suite. Users may choose between five available feature levels suited to fit their needs – Lev, Standard, Plus, Pro and Ultimate – ensuring they are getting precisely the tools they need for high quality least-squares network adjustment.

STAR*NET 11 is a FREE upgrade for all STAR*NET users with a valid Annual Maintenance Subscription. A FREE fully-functional 10-day trial version is available to new users for demonstration purposes by requesting a demo from

What's New in STAR*NET 11

STAR*NET 11 introduces the following new and enhanced features:

  • License Dialog
    A new licensing dialog has been applied to the program.
    Clear workflows for USB and online licenses are available.
    New access to online training, the helpdesk, and demo requests directly from the license dialog.
  • Floating Licenses
    Non-USB floating licenses have been added to STAR*NET.
    License seats are available to users with access.
    License seats are consumed when the program or converters are opened, and returned when they are closed.
    Floating licenses are only available online.
    License seats may be checked out for up to 4 days, ensuring a license is available offline.
    After the checked out session has expired, the license must be checked in to continue running.
  • Trimble Data Exchange Format (TDEF) Converter
    A new TDEF converter has been created with STAR*NET 11.
    Total station data is converted to M and DV records.
    Level data is converted to L records.
    Users may define stations to summarize turning point measurements within station measurements.
    Standard errors may be imported directly from TDEF files, rather than relying on instrument settings in STAR*NET.
    GNSS measurements may be imported from the GPS Import function.

STAR*NET 11 fixes the following important issues:

  • Leica Captivate DBX converter crashed when backbearing measurements were included in file.
  • .MAPMODE ANGLECALC caused a crash.
  • Sort by Std Residual did not apply to coordinate measurements.
  • Attempting to run converters while in expired mode would appear to crash.
  • DNA/GSI converter would not process a file when a Quick Closure was included.  Warnings added for unsupported data formats.
  • Undo/redo were not available after an adjustment was performed.
  • "Remove input file" button was too close to the "Delete input file" button and has been moved.
  • "Delete input file" button now has more warnings and moves the file to the recycle bin instead of permanently deleting it.
  • Extended linear precision toggle did not apply to level loops.
  • Sideshot detection was not on by default.

For more detailed information about these and other fixes please click here to view the Release Notes.

Download Links

Download MicroSurvey STAR*NET 11: click here

Existing MicroSurvey STAR*NET users with a valid Annual Maintenance Subscription (AMS) may need to use the USB License Manager application to update their USB License Key(s) to run this version beyond the initial 10-day trial period. If your AMS has expired, please call MicroSurvey Software Inc. at 1-800-668-3312 or 1-250-707-0000 or contact your local MicroSurvey dealer to renew it.

Existing MicroSurvey STAR*NET 10.0 users must update their USB key for version 11.00.00.

For demonstration purposes, please request a demo from to receive a free 10-day fully-featured trial of STAR*NET-ULTIMATE edition. All of the conversion utilities are also unlocked during this 10-day demo period.

Additional Online Resources

MicroSurvey STAR*NET Product Website: click here

MicroSurvey STAR*NET Online Training Movies: click here

MicroSurvey STAR*NET 11 Release Notes: click here

MicroSurvey STAR*NET 11 Known Issues: click here

Additional Supporting Applications

MicroSurvey USB License Manager (included in the STAR*NET install): click here

MicroSurvey USB Network License Server (must be purchased separately): click here

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