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Posted by James Johnston on 14 March 2022 10:45 AM

The MicroSurvey CAD Floating License has been a popular new licensing option in 2021.  With the release of MicroSurvey CAD 2022, users now have an additional option to Check out or check in a license:

The floating license allows users to connect to a license server over the internet and run their MicroSurvey product while connected.  The new Check out / Check in feature allows additional flexibility:

  • A license can be checked out for a maximum of 4 days of operation when there is no internet connectivity
  • A license can be checked out if a user has an important project and needs to guarantee access to a license that is shared with other users in the organization

Please download and review this document for full details on the features of a Floating License.

If you would like to switch your MicroSurvey CAD license to a floating network license, start by creating an account for yourself here and then contact your sales rep for a quote.

As with our network licensed products, there is a license fee to be added for each seat for this type of license. We have an upgrade path in place for organizations that wish to switch from USB dongles or Network licenses to the new Network Floating License type.

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