EVR Training Movies
Posted by James Johnston on 09 February 2022 11:03 AM

You can view the Evidence Recorder Training Movies online by using the links shown below:

Or you can download the entire series to your computer. (149 MB zip file)

Unzip the file and double click on "EVR-Training.html" to view them in your browser.

New Features in EVR 9

High Definition Graphics

Using Nautiz Onboard GPS for rough GPS Measurements

GPS with Evidence Recorder:

GPS Setup:

Creating a GPS Base Profile for a Radio RTK Link

Creating a GPS Rover Profile for a Radio RTK Link

Creating a GPS Rover Profile for an NTRIP RTK Link

Conventional Total Station Measurement with Evidence Recorder:

Total Station Setup:

Creating an Instrument Profile

Testing your Instrument using Temporary Measurement Mode

Controlling your Instrument while Connected

Occupying your Scene with the Total Station:

Starting a Scene

Occupy Reference Point

Occupy Room Function


Basic Measurement Modes:

Measuring - Map Point

Check Backsight

Graphical Linework:

Linework: Basics

Linework: Arcs and Splines

Linework: Manual Linework

Advanced Measurement Modes:

Measuring - Distance Offset

Measuring - Horizontal Angle Offset

Measuring - Line / Angle Offset

Measuring - Line / Distance Offset

Measuring - Line / Perpendicular Offset

Measuring - Two Line Offset

Measuring - Vertical Scene Mapping

MeasureMode-Baseline Offset

Evidence Recorder 3D Topics

Bomb Crater Evidence Collection

Data Collector Download and Conversion to CAD

Configuring MicroSurvey Transfer

Importing a Scene into MapScenes Forensic CAD

Importing a Scene into MicroSurvey Data Exchange

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