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Issues with AMD HD and AMD Radeon Graphics Cards

We have had reports from users that certain AMD hd graphic cards will cause MSCAD 2014, 2015 and 2016 to crash while launching. Many of these users reported they had no problems until a recent update to their system.  

A number of users report that the issue was resolved successfully by:

1. (This solution is suggested by IntelliCAD)

Uninstall these utilities, if they are installed on your computer:

- AMD PlayTV
- AMD Raptor
- AMD Gaming Evolved


2. If that does not resolve the issue, try this step:

Restart the computer in "Safe Mode" (consult your computer manufacturer for the exact sequence to follow for this)

Run MicroSurvey CAD(if successful) type hwacceleration in the command line, and set the value to zero.

Restart the computer in regular mode and test to see if MicroSurvey CAD will open now.

We are hopeful that this issue will be resolved


3. If the above steps do not work please create a support ticket and let us help you.


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