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Error:NonGriddedScanImporter, Pix4D .las file fails to import

When using Cyclone, there is a chance that when importing pix4D .las files that the system will reach about 75% and then give an error:


Failed to import, error:
  Detailed Error(s):

    C:\Users\"User"\Documents\SP-077611 Second Compile_group1_densified_point_cloud_part_1.las
    error:NonGriddedScanImporter catch  ImpException, reason:Error adding Point Cloud to Scan


This is apparently caused by missing intensity values in the las file.



This problem has been fixed with the release of Cyclone version 9.3.1.  and MicroSurveyCAD 2019.


Cyclone development reports that Cyclone 9.1.4 or older offers the option to import data without intensities, which you may wish to download from this link.

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