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Gap Tolerance Setting can affect Hatching, Boundary Creation or Fast Area

Sometimes you see the message:

Valid hatch boundary not found. If the boundary should be considered closed,
either zoom out so the boundary fully displays or adjust the gap tolerance value.

...when selecting objects that APPEAR to form a closed figure while performing Fast Area, Hatching or Boundary Creation.  This is occuring because there are tiny gaps in your closed figure, you would need to zoom in very tight to find them.

This is affected by the CAD variable _HPGAPTOL.  It is normally set to zero but can be changed if you wish to allow the program to consider a figure closed even if there are small gaps.

To change HPGAPTOL, just type the variable in the command line and set it to the value of the maximum gap you would like to accept.  I'd recomend proceeding with caution however and starting with 0.1.

CAUTION: Once you have set this value it is saved in the registry so it will be applied in all projects in the future.  This could affect output from the Fast Area Command.  If you set HPGAPTOL to something non-zero we highly recomend setting it back to zero when your work session is complete.

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