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FieldGenius for Android Total Station Supported Devices

FieldGenius for Android Supported Hardware

Certain devices are not supported with FieldGenius for Android depending on their OS and sometimes brands, so please take a look at the Supported Data Collectors article for more information.

The reworked new drivers have been reviewed and internally tested by MicroSurvey to the best of our ability and we believe that the driver will operate properly with the listed models.  We would encourage users who encounter problems with existing drivers to report any issues so that we can work with them to get the Total Station model fully supported and tested.  A video of the process and a trace file will allow our developers to diagnose the problem and offer a solution for testing in days. Use the Feedback feature to contact the support and development teams directly.

See the Release notes History for an overview of new features added with each release.

Total Station supported Drivers

FieldGenius for Android Supported hardware

Version 2.5
Version Make Model Comments
2.1 CHC CTS-112R4 issues with the connection not working
2.1 eSurvey E3
2.1 GeoMax Zoom 20/25/35/35/50
2.1 GeoMax Zoom10
2.1 GeoMax Zipp20/Zoom40
2.0 FOIF TS650
2.0 FOIF TS680/RTS330
2.0 FOIF RTS350/360/010
2.0 FOIF RTS362
2.0 Kolida KTS-440
2.0 Kolida CTS-660
2.0 Leica Flexline (TS03/07/10)
2.0 Leica iCon iCB30
2.0 Leica iCon Builder
2.0 Leica TPS Series (GSI)
2.0 Linertec LGP300
2.0 Linertec Basic
2.0 Pentax X100 Android Total Station
2.0 Pentax W1500
2.0 Pentax W2800
2.0 Pentax Basic
2.0 Sanding STS
2.0 Sanding Arc7
2.0 South NTS issues with the connection not working
2.0 South A1
2.0 South N1 Android Total Station
2.0 Stonex R2W
2.0 Stonex R35
2.0 Stonex R15/R25 R15 Bluetooth connection fails, being investigated
2.0 Stonex R1+/R2+
2.0 Stonex R20
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