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MicroSurvey CAD 2014 SP2

MicroSurvey is pleased to announce the release of MicroSurvey CAD 2014 Service Pack 2.

This service pack includes the latest IntelliCAD 7.2d engine, which has over 300+ fixes since IntelliCAD 7.2c which was used in MicroSurvey CAD 2013 SP2, 2014 and 2014 SP1.  It also includes several important fixes in the MicroSurvey commands as detailed below.

MicroSurvey offers free trial versions for all of its major software – download MicroSurvey CAD 2014 SP2 today!

Release Notes

Complete MicroSurvey CAD 2014 Release Notes: click here

New Features

Powered by IntelliCAD 7.2d
MicroSurvey CAD 2014 SP2 is built on the latest IntelliCAD engine, IntelliCAD 7.2d. It includes over 300+ fixes, plus performance enhancements and improvements to the user interface, printing, text, dimensions, entity snapping and tracking, and more. See the Release Notes for more details.

Important Fixes

  • [D6580] Active Coordinate Editor - Sorting the points by Point ID does not sort the points numerically.
  • [D3944] Active Coordinate Editor - Auto-Adding Points to Point Nodes did not update the coordinate editor to show the new points.
  • [D6399] Areas - For some geometry, the Fast Area command may either fail without calculating the Area or cause the program to crash.
  • [D6601] ASCII Export - Writing out a Lat/Long Column Specific file writes the latitude and longitude values into the opposite column.
  • [D6751] ASCII Export - Writing out a Lat/Long file exports all points with 0 elevation.
  • [D6785] ASCII Export - Points with very large point IDs are exported multiple times.
  • [D6748] ASCII Import - Reading a Lat/Long file ignores all point elevations.
  • [D6784] COGO - Inversing points with very large point IDs does not draw the corresponding line.
  • [D6632] Coordinate Systems - When switching drawings from one with a coordinate system to one without a coordinate system, the coordinate system can be set to that of the previous drawing.
  • [D6733] Coordinate Systems - The "Clear" button on the General Configuration Options dialog did not work.
  • [D6753] Coordinate Systems - Creating a user defined coordinate system can cause an error message "Invalid ellipsoid name specification detected".
  • [D6810] Coordinate Transformations - Transform Database command converts all coordinates to meters.
  • [D6792] Delete Project Database - Attempting to delete the current project's database file produced a warning message that was partially cut off.
  • [D5494] Dimensions - Erasing a dimension that was drawn by snapping to a survey line may cause the line to be removed from the database.
  • [D6761] Drawing Recovery Wizard - Empty .msj database folders are no longer offered as a recovery option.
  • [D6770] Drawing Recovery Wizard - 0-byte .msz database files are no longer offered as a recovery option.
  • [D5882] Edit Point - The point node and labels were not highlighted while editing a point.
  • [D5959] Edit Point - The display did not immediately update after storing or editing a point.
  • [D6736] Global Mapper - When using an unsupported coordinate system, an error message now appears indicating the problem.
  • [D6744] Global Mapper - The imagery does not display in some situations.
  • [D6745] Global Mapper - The imagery is now automatically drawn at Back so it will not obscure the drawing.
  • [D6746] Global Mapper - Listing the imagery did not show any information.
  • [D6023] Independent Point Numbers - IPN labels need to be updated when resizing the drawing window.
  • [D6079] Lot Closure - Input Scale Factor was not applied to Arc Radius values.
  • [D6759] Point Blocks - Scanning for Point Blocks with Attributes can cause the mscad.dll to perform an illegal operation.
  • [D6638] Point Cloud Linework - Drawing a curvy polyline arc on a vertical reference plane can cause the program to crash.
  • [D6532] Project Manager - Creating a new drawing with a semicolon in the filename can cause the program to crash.
  • [D6263] Surface Modeling - A crash may occur when creating a new design surface in AutoRoute.
  • [D6545] Surface Modeling - A crash may occur when drawing contour labels.
  • [D2991] Undo - After copying database points, an Undo may remove the original points from the database.
  • [D5850] Undo - After copy/paste of database points, an Undo may delete the original points.

Download MicroSurvey CAD 2014 SP2

Download MicroSurvey CAD 2014 SP2 Full Install: click here

MicroSurvey CAD can be run in a 30-day, fully functional trial period for demonstration purposes.

Existing MicroSurvey CAD users with a current (non-expired) maintenance subscription support plan must use the USB License Manager application to update their USB License Key(s) to continue running this version beyond the 30-day trial period. If your maintenance plan has expired, please call MicroSurvey Software Inc. at 1-800-668-3312 or 1-250-707-0000 or contact your local MicroSurvey dealer to renew it.

Download Additional Supporting Applications

MicroSurvey Transfer (free add-on for FieldGenius users, requires Microsoft ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center): click here

MicroSurvey USB License Manager (included in the MicroSurvey CAD install): click here

MicroSurvey USB Network License Server (must be purchased separately, requires a password to install): click here

MicroSurvey PCI Conversion Utility for FARO 5.2 (free conversion utility for FARO users): click here

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