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Cyclone shared servers

The vast majority of our users will only need to access unshared Cyclone servers, shared servers are intended for multiple users to access at the same time and this requires a database server license.

Tip: If you want to ensure that Cyclone is running in free “Viewer” mode pick on “License manager” and ensure it is configured as below:

If you wish to create an .imp file on a network location and do not have a network license, modify the properties of the Cyclone shortcut as below:

This will allow access to the database. However, access is limited to one user at a time.

Troubleshooting tips for when an import is failing:

- Check that triple the size of the dataset is available as free disk space

- Ensure that user has permissions to create a file in the destination folder

- Run Cyclone User Configuration Manager and check that the Temporary files folder is on the c: drive as it is in this computer:

Another useful tool to diagnose if Cyclone is licensed properly (to diagnose if perhaps the Import option is unavailable in Cyclone):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Leica Geosystems\License-Server\LMtools.exe

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